You can register a trip to the sea on the website or by calling: 869999965 and 861222227.

  • If there are less than 2 days left before your trip, registration is possible only by phone.
  • We are very grateful to those who register, but it happens that you can not go, changed plans or want to postpone the trip for another time, we sincerely ask you to inform about it by phone or SMS.
  • Those wishing to go to the seaside from Vevis, Elektrenai, Zhezmarya, Rumshishkes or other places near the motorway have the opportunity to pick you up, agreeing on this in advance.
  • Respecting their passengers and appreciating their time, we do not leave the main road and do not go to small towns.
  • In the evening, we send SMS with information, so in the morning arriving at a specified place you will know exactly what kind of transportation you need and what bus you need. Save the SMS message with the information received in your phone until the end of the trip. A big request to respond to the received message and confirm receipt of it.

>5 Registration by phone only
Successfully registered.

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