About us

More than twenty years ago we started organizing excursions to students in Lithuania, trips to the Curonian Spit, Palanga and Sventoji on buses. Often students joined and their parents, relatives and friends. So, over time, a trip to Palanga has become not only familiarizing, but also as a holiday weekend However, on such trips, much time was spent on the drive, and people wanted stay longer near the sea. We noticed that over the years the desire of vacationers has changed in the summer. Students eventually began to carry adults, not large groups with children and grandmothers with grandfathers. We wanted to bring to the minimum price of a trip by bus and to shorten the travel time, so we decided to offer a rest in Palanga, about later and in Sventoji from Vilnius and from Kaunas. So rest at sea has received a seasonal shade. Therefore, in 2009, established a public organization in which one of the main goals were:

  • promote and provide information about inexpensive, but also about quality accommodation, food and entertainment on the Lithuanian coast;
  • Develop single or small groups of individuals (travelers, holidaymakers, tourists) with a common goal, provide accommodation services and nutrition to those who independently plan their vacation in Lithuania;
  • unite with common interests, professional, ethnic, cultural, recreational, health, religious and special purposes traveling in one or more groups (travelers, holidaymakers, tourists) in organized group to achieve lower costs;
  • to provide consulting and organizational assistance to society.

Every time surprises a constant increase in prices in our lives. A very important indicator in our activity is the fact that from the date of creation of our organization, the prices for trips do not grow, and this one of our main goals!