Community of tourists

We live at a time when most of us are busy, and we share experiences and concerns in social networks or at best by phone, justifying it by saying that there is no time. However, no phones or computers will not justify "live" communication. Sometimes you just need one word, so that for another it becomes gold.

The goal of our company is to satisfy public interests by conducting educational, educational, cultural and other social events, integrating all this one by one and into small groups.

For this purpose, we invite all to make friends, travel and join the Community of Tourists.

We invite you! All adults, regardless of age, sex, education, position or religion. In the activities of the circle you can participate together with children, grandchildren, relatives, friends or neighbors. Together we will create excursion routes, we will share news with historical facts about our visited sites. We will look for unknown, and maybe well-known, but very attractive corners in Lithuania that you want to visit. We want everyone to be united in an organized collective, to know each other, to be friends among themselves, to exchange impressions, and most importantly, that the whole road be as cheap as possible.

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